Information about Bill Backs specific to Wheels and Brakes

  • After your wheel or brake core has been inspected, you will receive a teardown report.
  • In cases where any INDIVIDUAL failed item does not exceed $250, you will be issued a bill back against your core.
  • In cases where any INDIVIDUAL item exceeds $250, you will be given the option to supply the failed parts.
  • You will have three days from the date of the teardown report to confirm whether or not you will supply the failed parts.
  • You will then have four days after your confirmation to supply the parts, they may be in any "serviceable" condition. After evaluation of the supplied parts, an additional teardown report will be provided and your credit card will be charged automatically.
  • There will be no additional chances to supply parts, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Dry Air Pump Exchange Cores

  • Like model numbers must be returned in repairable condition to Jones Aerospace within 1 month from date of invoice for full core credit.
  • Aluminum bodies only, no cast iron cores, confirm with magnet.
  • Cores stamped “No Overhaul” are acceptable if they meet the above conditions.
  • Cores are subject to inspection.

Fuel Pump Cores – Electric

  • Only serviceable Airborne/Parker, Dukes and RAPCO fuel pumps cores are acceptable.
  • Cores being returned for credit must be of the same manufacturer and part number requested.
  • Cores must be in repairable condition, complete with all parts included.
  • Cores are subject to inspection prior to credit being issued.
  • All Fuel Pump cores must be returned to Jones Aerospace as soon as possible within 1 month from date of invoice, to receive full credit.

Wheel and Brake Cores

  • The core must be a like part number unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • It must have a legible part number and serial number on it or it may be rejected.
  • To avoid late fees and/or outright billing of replacement cost, all core units must be returned to Jones Aerospace within twenty-one (21) days of purchase.
  • Cores being returned should be accompanied by a core return sheet to help expedite the processing and to issue credit to the proper account.
  • Flat rate exchange excludes cores that are found, beyond economical repair (BER), previously disassembled, incomplete, have been subjected to abnormal conditions or units containing unauthorized parts.

 Shipping Policy - Exchanges

  • All shipping charges, involved in returning a core, including but not limited to freight, customs, duties, and taxes must be prepaid by the buyer.
  • When shipping is prepaid by Jones Aerospace, the item will be insured for the full amount.
  • Any item shipped on the customers shipping account, the customer assumes full responsibility for the full amount of the exchange/core value.

Warranty Policy

  • Warranty coverage period: 6 months from date of install, or 1 year from tag date, whichever comes first.
  • The warranty on repairs is 90 days, and only on the repair accomplished.
  • The warranty period for any repaired or replaced part is limited to the unexpired period of the original warranty provided and not from the date of the replacement/repair.
  • The item must be in an as removed condition and must not have been disassembled for warranty consideration. It must be accompanied by a copy from the log book showing installation date, removal date, and number of cycles.